Head of Group:

Julio Berbel Vecino (Professor)



Mª del Mar BORREGO-MARÍN (Senior Lecturer)

Manuela CASTILLO (Associate Professor)

Mª del Mar DELGADO-SERRANO (Associate Professor)

Alfonso EXPÓSITO (Assistant Professor)

Giacomo GIANNOCCARO (Researcher)

José A. GÓMEZ-LIMÓN (Professor)

Rubén GRANADO DÍAZ (Researcher)

M. Dolores GUERRERO-BAENA (Assistant Professor)

Carlos GUTIÉRREZ-MARTÍN (Assistant Professor)

Mercedes LUQUE-VÍLCHEZ (Researcher with teaching charges)

Julia MARTÍN-ORTEGA (Professor at University of Leeds)

Azahara MESA-JURADO (Researcher at El Colegio de la Frontera Sur)

Nazaret M. MONTILLA-LÓPEZ (Researcher)

Sara PALOMO-HIERRO (Lecturer)

Macario RODRÍGUEZ-ENTRENA (Assistant Professor)

Melania SALAZAR-ORDÓÑEZ (Associate Professor)

Anastasio J. VILLANUEVA (Researcher)


Research interests:

  • Economic instruments for water governance
    • Water pricing
    • Water markets and water banks
    • Water accounting
  • Sustainable water management
    • Common-pool resources
    • Reliability in water supply
    • Effects of improving the efficiency of water
    • Economics of wastewater treatment and reuse in agriculture
    • Economic valuation of water resources
  • Mathematical modelling focused on ex-ante agricultural and environmental policy analysis
    • Multi Attribute Utility Theory (MAUT)
    • Positive Mathematical Programming (PMP)
    • Multi Criteria Decision Making (MCDM)
  • Ecosystem services and public goods provided by agricultural sector
  • Social and policy issues in rural areas
  • Common Agriculture Policy: Agri-Environmental Challenges
    • Ecosystem Services and Public Goods provided by Agricultural Sector
    • Designing of Agri-Environmental Policy Instruments
    • Sustainability of Agricultural Systems
    • Modelling of Consumer and Farmer Behaviour
    • Analysis of Innovation Adoption
    • Social and Policy Issues in Rural Areas


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