Un trabajo de la Universidad de Córdoba usa el análisis de los compuestos orgánicos volátiles del jamón ibérico para diferenciar origen geográfico, planta de curado y categoría comercial de la pieza

El proyecto Aquaclew, en el que participa el grupo de Dinámica Fluvial e Hidrología de la UCO, establece cuatro puntos a mejorar en los servicios climáticos con el objetivo de aumentar su uso por parte de gestores del sector hidrológico, academia y alumnado

The UCO publishes a review of the nitrogen metabolism adaptations that allowed the most abundant photosynthetic organism on Earth, marine cyanobacteria, to survive in environments very poor in nutrients

It’s not easy being a teenager. Once adolescence arrives, navigating new skills such as managing emotions, gaining more independence from parents and the responsibility of decisions make it a challenging time. Boys and girls will experiment, take risks, make mistakes and eventually become adults. And when we think of adolescence, some of the issues that come to mind are drinking, mood swings, abuse of digital technologies and social networks, first sexual relations, drugs, unwanted pregnancies, fights. It is a complicated stage in life that once we are adults we struggle to remember and often don’t understand.

A family of regulatory molecules, microRNAs, are key to the maintenance of fertility in both genders.

The results indicate that the level of virus exposure is higher among captive lynxes than those in the wild

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